Why can’t service providers keep their clients in the loop when things go awry!

My newest book, A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar: Lessons learned for work and life from climbing Kilimanjaro, is doing so well that my inventory ran out in five months! A lovely “complaint.” So it went to second printing three weeks ago, with my publisher promising delivery on Friday, August 29. This allowed … Read more

Acccolade for the Keynote: A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar: Lessons Learned from climbing Kilimanjaro (Accolades)

“Your breakfast keynote on, A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar: Lessons learned from climbing Kilimanjaro, was perfectly pitched. Many of us were feeling apprehensive about our subsequent treetop trekking activity and the thoughts and experiences you shared, and the way in which you presented them, resulted in a shift in mindset for everyone … Read more

Maximizing the Probability of Reaching Your 5,882 Metre/19,298 Foot “Summit”

Saturday, January 8th to Thursday, January 13th, inclusive Well this is it my friends, the metaphoric 11th hour. And as for me? I’ve completely scaled back any walking or hiking now. Months ago I read that this is the advice offered up by modern-day coaches of elite athletes. Sounds good to me! However, I’m not … Read more

Feel the Pain (or Cold?) and Do it Anyway

Another heavy-duty hiking weekend completed, now. Saturday, November 20th, just a 7K urban hike through west-end Toronto’s High Park. The real story, however, is Sunday, November 21st’s trek. On Sunday morning, I awoke in the predawn with a sure-fired sore throat. Although not fully conscious, I recollect thinking, “Uh oh, I simply can’t get sick…not … Read more

Projects that are “bigger than a breadbox”, or, “How much shopping is too much shopping?”

On Friday, October 29, 2010, I went shopping for more hiking clothing. I’ve discovered a new passion and activity that I intend to embrace all the rest of my days, so I’m fine with the big initial outlay of funds for appropriate gear and clothing but, boy, I seem to need, “one more thing, one … Read more

Busting the Myth: Who, you climb a mountain??? Honey, you’re not the type!

I’m having some fun telling certain people I’m climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro because some people (who don’t know me well enough, perhaps), think they’ve got me all figured out; as such, they just can’t fathom me doing something so “out-doors-y” as climbing the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. In some people’s minds, I’m just, “not the type” … Read more

The Sound of Service Excellence

Are professional graces and manners–polite on-the-job behaviours and attitudes once thought a matter of “common decency”–going the way of current stock markets? Are many workers, of all stripes and in all industries, experiencing such a sense of smoldering stress that they either cannot or will not demonstrate anything beyond the bare basic technicalities of their … Read more

Using Your Contacts and Actually Asking for What You Want

The other day a beautifully dressed young man, attired in full business regalia, knocked on my door wishing to make his professional introductions as a newly minted financial advisor with a well known financial institution. He was inspired to try the good old fashioned, door-to-door approach of stirring the pot to secure new clients. Funnily … Read more

Back-to-School and Back-to-Professional Conferences:

How to get the best bang for your conference buck Here it comes…almost back-to-school time once again, and time for something else, too! The professional conference season–autumn meetings and beyond–is almost upon us, as well. Attending such events offer up such a deluge of information that, as one colleague expresses, “It feels like you’ve just … Read more

PowerPoint Bored’em

I recently was the closing speaker at two events where speaker after speaker after speaker–all senior executive-types–read, word-for-word from their scripts, while hiding behind the podium in half-light and letting the bells and whistles of PowerPoint presentations deliver the main thrust of their messages. One “reader” would have been bad enough, but four? five? and … Read more

Coping With the Last Stretch of 2007: a.k.a. Workplace Stress Time’s Last Hurrah!

Okay, this is it. Don’t get scared. Here we are–finally!–the last of 2007. For many, this week marks the home stretch before holy-days and vacation time. For others, the end of December merely represents a couple of extra days off work, followed by the stress of holding down the organization’s fort while coping with the … Read more

Intrapreneurial Networking Masters

Organizations have embraced teamwork for at least the past two decades. Now comes the importance of recognizing the art of internal and “on purpose” networking. Many people still think networking is an on-the-side, personal activity for career pathing beyond their current positions and organizations, but employee dedication to broadening personal influence and wisdom, while still … Read more

Appreciating Staff, Colleagues and Yourself!

Sometimes, in some “sick” corporate cultures (bewildering as it may seem), expressions of staff appreciation rarely, if ever, occur. What’s an individual to do? It’s nice, and even feeds the soul, when your employer acknowledges and appreciates your professional gifts and talents but, if they are not being recognized, at least acknowledge them for yourself…it … Read more

“The Experience starts now!” At least that’s what they promised

I traded in my old modem for a new one today; this required a visit to one of my service provider’s retail outlets. Now I’m in “the business” of championing service excellence, employee motivation, how to feel and how to demonstrate authentic passion for your profession (whatever it is you “do” for a living), so, … Read more

Blinding Flashes of the Obvious

Have you ever thrashed around in the emotional pain of indecision, or found yourself suffering from “paralysis of analysis” regarding a particular personal or professional issue or choice? Of course you have. Everyone “goes there” at some time or another, don’t they? And–thank goodness–sooner or later we all find our way through the instability of … Read more

From the frying pan into the fire

I cut my first teeth (years and years ago) in organizational development under the banner of a large organization–large enough to sustain its own intimate coral of management development workshop facilitators. After a few years I felt under appreciated, under recognized and under utilized, therefore I quietly–as most do in such cases–started an external job … Read more

The Flight from Hell and Teamwork Lessons Learned from Hurricane Alex

Back on April 26, 2007 I blogged about the challenges and down-right fright of flying in small, weight-imblanced planes and drew parallels between imbalanced planes and imbalanced work lives. I also mentioned–in that blog–another air-bourne fright I experienced trying to get home from a speaking engagement in the Bahamas during the first hours of 2004’s … Read more

Toying with a digital scale and the “weight of the world”

With amazing regularity I read newspaper articles and the likes, about workplace stress getting the better of workers and undermining maximum workplace productivity. These articles always put the blame on the stresses of the job, but I’ve noticed something quite interesting about stress and the seeming “weight of the world” bearing down on me, while … Read more

What comes first…the chicken or the egg…the job or the passion?

“Age may wrinkle the face, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.”, so says Samuel Ulman. So how are you protecting your working soul from “wrinkles”, these mid-winter days? Where are you at regarding your daily stores of enthusiasm for all you do on-the-job? No energy for enthusiasm in these doldrums days of seemingly endless … Read more

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