Nina summits the tallest free standing mountain in the world!

Nina is about to embark on a journey of a lifetime!
After 4 gruelling days of hiking and climbing the world’s tallest free standing mountain, Nina, on her fifth day of the climb, will make her final summit push. You can see the summit in the distance.
That little dot at the top of the rise in this pic is the coveted sign everyone who climbs Kili wants to see! When I caught this far off glimpse of it we’d already been climbing for 11 hours! The very sight of it made choke back tears of joy and relief; funny how this goes (but isn’t it true???), when we finally see our goal is within reach, we reach in and sprint for that last required bit of energy and motivation. That’s what happened for me!
This is what the summit sign looks like up close and me with the sign–proof on a glorious Jan. 26 late afternoon at exactly 5pm. And it was only about minus 5 C, allowing us to stay on the peak for 55 minutes! We figure that’s got to be some sort of record!
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