Positive Thinking: Attitude Is Everything

There’s only one thing more contagious than Enthusiasm… and that’s the lack of it!!

Get an opportunity to take a “pulse rate fitness test” on “where you are at” about your attitude towards your work and your life! Learn how your thinking helps or hinders your sense of sanity, security and serenity. Take away concrete, “do-able this very day” strategies for finding a higher altitude for your attitude!

A wonderful balance between humor and content, this keynote will address:

  • the difference between abundance and disparity thinking
  • rewriting a positively focused version of Murphy’s Law
  • how to “get turned on and stay turned on”
  • how to change negatively focused languaging to the positively focused
  • the importance of the balance of our four natures of self
  • the value of understanding and manipulating our own Emotional Intelligence (and understanding how it can be more important than IQ)
  • the value of creative visualization technique and how to apply it to our own circumstances (how to demonstrate it to ourselves)
  • the differences between believing and knowing, and 99% vs. 100% commitment

This invigorating and enlightening session will leave you with a new attitude about yourself and every aspect of your life, and empower you to grab life by the ankles and give it a fling!

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