Nina Spencer, Canadian motivational speaker and best-selling canadian author, presents her highly regarded keynote topic, ‘Getting Passion Out of Your Profession

Remember when you Got the Job!? When YOU were the one selected for that coveted position? It was a cause for celebration! Who did you call? How did you celebrate your wonderful news, that very day?

What happened? The first bloom of excitement and passion for a new position, can easily slip away. Can the embers be fanned? Tune into WII-FM (Whats In It For Me) to get tips, techniques and strategies for Getting Passion Out of Your Profession
…for your own sake!

In this invigorating, provocative and uplifting keynote or workshop presentation, Nina Spencer will share eight passion points for reclaiming that zest for your work, and empower you to grab your professional life by the ankles and give it a fling!

Through Nina’s masterful balance between humor and content, participants will learn how to:

  • consciously choose positive language to facilitate their own passion for their work, and to influence and inspire the passion of others
  • identify and acknowledge their professional self-worth
  • foster their sense of humor for spirit and passion, as well as physical health
  • modify their perspective, to deal with the changeable weather successfully
  • get clear about their bigger picture purpose for doing the work they do
  • explain and identify strategies for maintaining physical and emotional energy
  • cut themselves some slack and persevere during trying times
  • identify creative, time efficient ways to stay in touch with their circle of influence, and expand that circle regularly
  • recognize the importance of attending conferences and other professionally focused events, to keep in touch with enthusiastic, energized colleagues in their specific field, and even outside their field, as another source for sustain passion for their profession.

Life is change, and work is change, but passion, for our professions, and for our lives, is optional…and each one of us gets to choose!

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