Skills for Every Professional’s Future

“It’s a small world!” is no longer just a phrase for coincidences between people. The “Global Village” is a reality, and the way we do business and communicate, professionally and personally, is evolving!

To stay in the loop in the 21st century requires focus on skills which promote self-management, self-awareness, inter-personal communication and respect for others.

Through a fine balance of content and humor, Nina will share with you how to:

  • Gain deeper insight to your current 21st century skill levels
  • Identify attitudes and behaviours which block 21st century skill development (and how to nurture the attitudes that open)
  • Identify the skills you especially wish to further nurture
  • Use a well respected feedback model to better understand self and others
  • Feel terrific about work and the 21st century!!

A truly provocative, insightful and content rich keynote presentation, breakout session, half, or full day workshop!

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