I Love Gems: Going the Extra Mile on Service

“Quality Customer Service” and “Service Excellence” are phrases and themes that we’ve all heard for at least two decades. Organizations have asked their employees to “get it”, and demonstrate it, whether employees were ready or not (and whether they were inspired or not)! Some employees haven’t been able to “see” that if they provide a service or a product, if they are “working”, then someone is “consuming”. That “consumer”, of the product or service, is the customer! Everyone who has a job or career, has customers. Whether it’s Education or Construction, Corporate or Self-Employment! Everyone!

For many employees, the idea of having a bone deep passion for delivering excellence in customer service was a “fake it til you make it” proposition. Now, more and more people are finding their own reasons and purpose for wanting to give their customers the “best that they’ve got”.

People who have decided that they Love GEMS: Going the Extra Mile on Service, have discovered that the “Extra Mile” can be exhilarating and rewarding because “hardly anyone else is on it”! So the “road” is wide open!

In this keynote or workshop presentation, “I Love GEMS: Going the Extra Mile on Service”, Nina will share how to:

  • Use “purpose” to get through the most challenging customer situations
  • Appreciate that perception is reality
  • Negotiate for “win-win” agreements
  • Choose and use positive words to get any message “across”
  • Decide time and place for “sorry” and “thank-you”
  • Keep your cool, no matter what (the one who is Not angry has the control!)
  • Feel empowered in any situation
  • Demonstrate excellence in customer service by voice mail
  • Develop a passion for continuous professional / personal development
  • Be memorable to your clients / make them want to do business with you!

Attend this session and learn how to get maximum personal and professional fulfilment out of working with your customers… your ultimate reason for being there!

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