I invite you to view my fourth of five (3 minute) guest spots-this one on, Shifting Perspective on Biz TV Canada.

Nina Spencer on BizTV

“Shifting Perspective”

Nina Spencer on BizTV

“Practice the Power of Positive Words and Communication”

Nina Spencer on BizTV

“Acknowledge Your Professional and Personal Contributions”

Nina Spencer on BizTV

“How to Protect Your Sense of Humour”

As well, if you missed or care to revisit my other shows, I’ve listed those too for you.

Please feel free to forward this most recent show (and the others, as well, if you’re so inspired!) to your colleagues, associates, those to whom you may report and even family and friends who are looking for ways to put a more positive spin on their everyday professional and personal experiences. *** Additionally, a selection of Biz TV Canada shows–the most popular ones, based on the segments which have received the greatest number of hits on their site–are now included on the in-flight service of Air Canada. Perhaps I’ll see you there if you click and view, and spread the word.

My kindest regards to you always,


P. S. My most popular keynote presentation is also the title of my bestselling book–Getting Passion Out of Your Profession: How to keep loving your living come what may. My presentations incorporate, in a fun and highly interactive fashion, the ideas presented in this/these Biz TV clip(s).

*** For keynotes (on my topic of, Getting Passion Out of Your Profession, or on, A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar: Lessons learned for work and life from climbing Kilimanjaro), booked and confirmed by December 31st, 2012, and delivered by June 30, 2013, I’m delighted to offer a complimentary case of Getting Passion Out of Your Profession. I’d be happy to autograph and personalize each of the 50 copies, too!

Please call me at 416-588-3334 or email at nina@ninaspencer.com

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