It’s Still Summer and August is a Terrific Month at Work to Implement These Sweet Sixteen Ideas…


“It ain’t over til it’s over,” or until some woman sings something! Right? Despite that Toronto’s CNE/Canadian National Exhibition is about to begin (a sure harbinger for citizens of the Greater Toronto, at least, that summer is winding down), there are still over six full weeks of official summertime left to celebrate. Perhaps some of your vacation time is still in front of you and you’re still singing Nat King Cole’s song about rolling out those “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer,” or Cliff Richard’s “We’re all going on a summer holiday… doing things we always wanted to.” If that’s the case, lucky you! (I realize I’m dating myself if I think these songs are the best, quintessential, happy-go-lucky summer songs!) On the other hand, perhaps you’re like most, “all done now” and feeling wistful that the best of those “sunny, sunny, sunny days… lying in the sun listenin’ to rock and roll” (70’s rock band “Lighthouse”) are over; no more vacation time left; might as well bring on the snow (a sentiment that may be expressed by those dear readers who dwell in geographical regions where there are only two seasons… two months of summer and ten months of winter!). Take heart. In many organizations, the summertime workplace ambiance has a bit of a special, more relaxed (yet still productive) feel and mood. Even if you can already see and hear that “back-to-school/back-to-the-grind” chatter in print, on television and radio (my favourite being a commercial that plays in late August, to the Christmas tune of Andy Williams’s “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”… implying that back-to-school, at least for parents, is the most wonderful time of the year), remind yourself that it still is August, the official other half of summer, and that August is a terrific month at work to:

1. Buy some new plants for the office; make them the flowering variety to get your best return on investment through the autumn months ahead.
2. Wear your “grubbies” to work one day, bring in the Mr. Clean and other cleansers and give the ole’ workstation a proper “spit and polish”; while you’re at it (grubby and all) clean out those drawers and vet as much “dead stuff” from your filing cabinets as you can possibly stand to do; vet your computer files too; quite cathartic! And, on that “clean-up” day, when it comes time for lunch… order “pizza for all!” Delivered right to your door.

3. Treat yourself and your colleagues to one fine Belgium truffle each, to start off your next weekly or regular team meeting; that’ll really get people in an agreeable mood!

4. Plan a last hurrah of summer “Hawaii Work Day”; invite colleagues to celebrate the last days of summer by wearing their most splashy, flamboyant, vibrant, colourful, and/or playful summer outfit (provided, of course, that it’s “tasteful and professional” enough for your workplace environment; you set the guidelines for that! How about the Friday before Labour Day Weekend?).

5. If you haven’t done so already, as a team (perhaps while you are savouring those Belgium Truffles), choose a cause or charity to which you can all commit; charge a modest dollar or two for colleagues to participate in events such as “Hawaii Work Day” and, by year end (or any other time you deem appropriate) watch those dollars add up… and watch how proud you and your teammates will be to make such a fine donation and make such a difference to your worthy cause. In Canada, visit to explore more than 175,000 different Canadian Charities; there’s one just right for your team’s focus, for sure.
6. Kick off your end-of-summertime charity drive with a “Back to the Beach/One Last Time” pot luck lunch or company on-site lunchtime barbeque (if, of course your workplace site permits), all the while playing a stream of Beach Boys songs, and/or any other songs you deem fit for celebrating the best of the rest summer!

7. Go to a farmers’ market one weekend soon; bring back, come Monday morning, a bag of fresh, delicious and drippy peaches; heaven on earth! (Bring some napkins, too, ’cause you’re gonna need ’em!) If you’re feeling really energetic and kindly enough to your colleagues, and competent enough to pull it off, whether woman or man… bake some of those peaches into a pie or two to bring in to your work environment on Monday morning! Is there any better taste of the best of what summer has to offer than the taste of a fresh peach pie? Yum!

8. Plan at least one workday coffee break with a special person that you just never get around to seeing much these days; plan a one-on-one curb-side/alfresco cafe break with that beloved work colleague whom you, for the most part, take for granted. Pretend that you’ve just won the lottery and don’t have to return to work… at least for 15 minutes, that is.

9. Get an after work, end-of-week massage (or maybe a start of week one; that ought to help you keep your workplace serenity for the full week, and ward off some of that stress that builds from Monday, onwards). You may even enjoy keeping up this weekly tradition through all the months to follow.

10. Host a 15 minute afternoon workplace Ice Tea Party, complete with crustless cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, biscuits (cookies), scones, local peach, strawberry and/or raspberry jam and real Devonshire clotted cream (go on, throw a little calorie caution to the wind, just this one afternoon, after all, swimsuit season is almost over!); bring along a proper grand pitcher (no not one from the Blue Jays roster!), and have all “guests” also bring along one of their own fine bone china tea cups (perhaps a beautiful cup which is sprung from your mother’s family china cabinet, and never really gets to see much of the real light of day?).

11. Review your workstation fittings (especially if you work at a computer terminal). So many employees work at ill-fitted stations and, whether or not they realize, ill-fitted stations can be a major source of chronic neck, shoulder, arm, and even chest pain. Ask an ergonomist for help in ensuring that your workstation fits and suits your body’s dimensions. If you’re really lucky (and if your organization is big enough) you may even have an ergonomist or two right there, on-site).

12. Have a “Greased Lightening” style drag race in the company parking lot; of the mini/toy, remote-control variety, that is; make it the featured attraction of your team, lunchtime barbeque and take entry fees for each car to add to your chosen team charity’s kitty.

13.Take your whole work team to see the 5:00 p.m. showing of the latest silly and fun summertime movie, and have a great time with your work “maties!”

14. Order custom-made fortune cookies for your team, with messages only they will understand. Make only good fortunes.
15. Arrange an Ice Cream Day at work to celebrate a “Last Hurrah of Summer.” A couple of years ago I delivered a keynote address for a client’s end-of-summer management conference and was thoroughly impressed by their relatively cheap but charming way to “treat” and thank their staff. In the lobby of their on-site conference facility, this employer arranged for a free chest of ice cream flavours and cones, served up by a man in an old-fashioned red and white stripped jacket and matching hat, while a Dixieland Band played on! The staff were delighted and refreshed. When I expressed how impressed I was, this same staff bragged their pride about working for such a terrific and thoughtful employer, and boasted that they get this event every year!

16. Plan or encourage your organization to book a series of autumn Lunch and Learn presentations, and/or an in-house “welcome back to school/work” autumn conference or professional development day for each of its branches or divisions. Partner with a professional keynote speaker (like me!) ;) … to inspire, motivate, re-engage and re-energize staff who are saying goodbye to the tail end of summer and facing forward to a new “season” of work. “Welcome back” conferences to reset and refocus staff have been very popular with my clients over the years.

P. S. I will appear as the author guest on TVO’s The Agenda in the Summer, with Nam Kiwanuka, next Tuesday, August 16th at 8 pm and 11 pm ET. Hope you tune in! If you miss, I will have the archived link on my website or you could go directly to TVO’s.

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