Choosing Well Among Motivational Keynote Speakers

Nina Spencer, Female Motivational Keynote Speaker, Discusses How to Choose among Business Motivational Speakers So That Your Event Can Be A Success:

Choose an industry-specific presenter when the message you wish to convey is technical or clinical, the audience is highly specialized, or the corporate culture unique. Budget concerns may also play a role in choosing someone “close to home.”

Choose a guest speaker when your message is broad and universal. All industries have a common interest in leadership, teambuilding, conflict resolution, stress management, effective communications, important conversations, etc. A fine quality guest speaker will research and customize their subject of expertise, to specifically address your industry’s needs. Some business motivational speakers will better suit your audience or the themes you wish to cover. What type of speaker would work best for your needs? The way to ensure the best fit for your event is to ask, “What are the pros and cons of each type of speaker? What is best for our audience? What is our primary focus? Do we want this guest speaker to provide content or entertainment? Motivation and inspiration? Some of these points or all of them?” For example, choosing a female motivational speaker over a male will give your audience a different perspective, and Canadian motivational speakers will have a different point of view than American. Personality, background and your event’s budget will all affect what type of business motivational speaker you choose.

For a more detailed analysis of choosing a motivational keynote speaker, read Nina Spencer’s complete article on the subject of “How To Choose the Right Speaker For Your Event.”

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