Acccolade for the Keynote: A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar: Lessons Learned from climbing Kilimanjaro (Accolades)

“Your breakfast keynote on, A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar: Lessons learned from climbing Kilimanjaro, was perfectly pitched. Many of us were feeling apprehensive about our subsequent treetop trekking activity and the thoughts and experiences you shared, and the way in which you presented them, resulted in a shift in mindset for everyone … Read more

Postscript: Mount Kilimanjaro Climb

Dear Readers: As you now know, I summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro Jan. 26th…I thank-you for the many emails you’ve sent wishing me well, cheering me on and supporting the cause for which I climbed. [youtube]lmxhf8zIX-c[/youtube] My January 15th departure for Africa, and summit day arrival on the 26th, may have come and gone, but I invite … Read more

Nina on Safari in Kenya

Back in Kenya now. Last night, while still in Nairobi, we were taken out to a restaurant named Carnivore, where, you guessed it, pretty much nothin’ but meat was served. A little reluctantly I tried camel, ostrich, crocodile and oxen heart. A little bit “yucky,” but at least I tried the “when in Rome” perspective. … Read more

Lessons & Reflections from Zanzibar

Well all this hydrotherapy I’ve been getting, between the Indian Ocean and the salt water pool, has pretty much healed my elbow injury received when I fell during the last few moments of my nine day hike last week. It’s incredible to me to comprehend that one week has already passed since last Wednesday’s Kili … Read more

Relaxing in Zanzibar

Well it’s hard to believe that it was a week ago that the 13 of us summitted Kili, for as hard as we worked at it for seven days of ascent, that’s how lazy we’re being now, lolling about at a lovely resort in Zanzibar (healing our wounds and minor injuries). So surreal. Early morning … Read more

The Summit Push

It’s now 8pm on day 6 and I’m at 16,000 feet. This is my last ascent camp, known as Barafu Camp. Summit day is tomorrow and we start out at 3am in the morning with our target to summit at noon or 1pm. Wish me luck!!! Here’s is a pic from our camp. See the … Read more

Day 5: The Wall

Today is the 5th morning of my 7 day ascent of Mt. Kili and on my trek to the summit, I faced a daunting 800 foot vertical climb of what is known as, the Great Barranco Wall. “Pole pole” (slowly, slowly) does it. Onwards and upwards I trekked finally reaching the top. I’m having to … Read more

This is it

Well I had a poor night’s sleep last Night. Awoke at 4:20 to the sound of a rooster crowing (that then continued on and off til sundown!) A few minutes later the sounds of faithful Muslims’ calling prayers, then, shortly afterwards, the repetitive striking of a nearby Hindu temple bell. I surrendered to the dual … Read more

The Eve of the Ascent

Seven hour bus ride today from Nairobi, Kenya to Moshi, Tanzania, crossing rural Africa in a way classic to what you might see on a travel or history tv channel or read in a magazine, e.g National Geographic. We experienced moments of adventure and uncertainty at the border and that’s all I have to say … Read more

Out of Africa – Kenya

A picture perfect Kenyan morning breakfasting in the cafe and strolling the university grounds, noting all kinds of birds and trees, including a fan shaped one called an East West tree, for no matter how this tree’s seed is planted it will only spread east west. interesting, eh? Afterwards, we visited a children ‘s school … Read more

Toronto Departure and Arrival in Africa

Sunday Night, Jan. 16, great flight(s)! Twenty-two hours of travel but here now. Second leg was spectacular from the clear blue and sunny sky that I saw from my window–second of two seven hour flights. Saw from my window Paris, the Italian and French Alps, the entire sunny west coast of Italy–the whole length…Genoa, Naples, … Read more

Maximizing the Probability of Reaching Your 5,882 Metre/19,298 Foot “Summit”

Saturday, January 8th to Thursday, January 13th, inclusive Well this is it my friends, the metaphoric 11th hour. And as for me? I’ve completely scaled back any walking or hiking now. Months ago I read that this is the advice offered up by modern-day coaches of elite athletes. Sounds good to me! However, I’m not … Read more

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Well it’s “crunch, crunch” time, and I don’t mean the sound of the snow underfoot at Rattlesnake Point this past weekend. I mean less than seven weeks to go until Kili departure. I’m feeling it now…the need to focus on strengthening even further those muscle groups that will see me up and down the mountain … Read more

Feel the Pain (or Cold?) and Do it Anyway

Another heavy-duty hiking weekend completed, now. Saturday, November 20th, just a 7K urban hike through west-end Toronto’s High Park. The real story, however, is Sunday, November 21st’s trek. On Sunday morning, I awoke in the predawn with a sure-fired sore throat. Although not fully conscious, I recollect thinking, “Uh oh, I simply can’t get sick…not … Read more

Buck Up for an Urban Surprise

On Sunday, November 14 we chose to walk a quicker, urban trail that, although wouldn’t give us much in the way of incline or rough terrain training, would help us log some serious “Ks”. And so we hiked the “Discovery Trail” along the Humber River, picking the path up in suburban Toronto’s/Etobicoke’s James Gardens and … Read more

Back in the saddle again

On Saturday, October 30, 2010 I started back with my personal trainer, Cecilia Gauvin. She’s fabulous! What an inspiring, loving, yet gentle, “butt-kicker” she is! I finally returned after 6 weeks off, due to my back injury (tripping on those pillows in my bedroom a few weeks back, the story around which I shared in … Read more

Projects that are “bigger than a breadbox”, or, “How much shopping is too much shopping?”

On Friday, October 29, 2010, I went shopping for more hiking clothing. I’ve discovered a new passion and activity that I intend to embrace all the rest of my days, so I’m fine with the big initial outlay of funds for appropriate gear and clothing but, boy, I seem to need, “one more thing, one … Read more

Gift of Rainy Day Hikes

Last Sunday, October 24, 2010, I hiked my longest hike (kilometer-wise/17K) to date, along Rattlesnake Point/Crawford Lake Portion of Ontario’s spectacular Bruce Trail. Drove there in the sopping rain at 7 a.m. It rained all Saturday night. The kind of rain you can hear through closed windows. The kind that wakes you up. Which it … Read more

Busting the Myth: Who, you climb a mountain??? Honey, you’re not the type!

I’m having some fun telling certain people I’m climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro because some people (who don’t know me well enough, perhaps), think they’ve got me all figured out; as such, they just can’t fathom me doing something so “out-doors-y” as climbing the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. In some people’s minds, I’m just, “not the type” … Read more

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

My Dear Working Wisdom subscribers, clients (and potential clients), colleagues, friends and anyone who may have just now found their way, serendipitously, to my website and blog! I have BIG personal news that I so wish to share with you! In January 2011 I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and am raising funds for a … Read more

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