Toronto Departure and Arrival in Africa

Sunday Night, Jan. 16, great flight(s)!

Twenty-two hours of travel but here now.

Second leg was spectacular from the clear blue and sunny sky that I saw from my window–second of two seven hour flights. Saw from my window Paris, the Italian and French Alps, the entire sunny west coast of Italy–the whole length…Genoa, Naples, Capri, Sicily and even Malta! Then the treat of the Sahara from 39000 feet, too! Am now in the town from Out of Africa–Karen Blixen’s place (author Isak Dinesen who wrote Out of Africa)!!!

Sat in the dark in the university’s garden at 10 p.m. having samosas, apple juice and chatting with fellow climbers. We’re all pretty much saying, OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M HERE!!! Now near two am. Two lizards in our room. We’ll have to get used to loving THAT! Sounds of Africa outside in the dark…lots and lots of howling wild dogs, tree frogs and interesting night birds I can’t yet identify but soon will. Ground breaking ceremonies in the morning (for the centre we’re helping to fund).

Good night now, For the Love of Africa.


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