Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

My Dear Working Wisdom subscribers, clients (and potential clients), colleagues, friends and anyone who may have just now found their way, serendipitously, to my website and blog!

I have BIG personal news that I so wish to share with you!

In January 2011 I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and am raising funds for a Women’s Leadership Centre in Nairobi. Our group of 20 is targeting to raise $200,000.

As is the mountain, my personal goal to raise 1/20th of the total–meaning $10,000–is steep, but I believe achievable with your help.

I’m starting my fund raising early, and am asking often…if you will kindly lend your encouragement and belief in me, by way of sponsoring my climb, and give to this worthy cause to grow much-needed personal leadership among African women.

By offering your emotional and charitable support, I promise, you will:

  • significantly fuel my inspiration to work hard at my grueling training regime between now and January 2011
  • fortify my courage and perseverance to achieve my ultimate climb goal and, most importantly of all,
  • keenly demonstrate your own commitment to international citizenship.

A brilliant three-for-one return–do you agree? :

If my effort and appeal moves you to cheer me on and donate to this worthy cause, for now, please let me know by email, phone call or on-line response to this blog entry.

Click here to make a secure on-line donation.

And please also know, of course, that Charitable Tax Receipts will be given for all donations.

I’m honoured, and count among my blessings, that my professional and personal circle of connections includes YOU, and am sending your way my heartfelt gratitude for your consideration of my request and, even more, for your generous donation, shortly,


P. S. In addition to your personal charitable contribution, if you believe your company, organization, association, community group or even some of your own circle of friends and family may be moved to help sponsor my climb (and build this African Women’s Centre), I’d be most grateful if you would forward my message and sponsorship appeal. Thank-you! FYI, I will use my blog, and no doubt some of my Working Wisdom articles, too, to share with you my on-going training and fundraising progress over the next six months.

So let the climb begin, and may we ALL ALWAYS FEEL PASSION FOR ALL WE DO AND ALL WE SUPPORT!

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