Acccolade for the Keynote: A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar: Lessons Learned from climbing Kilimanjaro (Accolades)

“Your breakfast keynote on, A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar: Lessons learned from climbing Kilimanjaro, was perfectly pitched. Many of us were feeling apprehensive about our subsequent treetop trekking activity and the thoughts and experiences you shared, and the way in which you presented them, resulted in a shift in mindset for everyone in the room. I especially liked the “soar/creep” analogy and used that in my conference closing remarks later in the day. Everyone left that breakfast believing in themselves and believing that they “can”, and took that attitude right out onto the course. And the good news is that everyone “did”! In one case, there was someone who wasn’t going to finish one of the courses and I heard one of the participants say, “Are you going to be that person who made it as far as one hour away from her goal and then wanted to quit?” She didn’t quit! Your keynote inserted just enough references back to our group that it made it very personal and relatable. And your words even spoke to those of us who already believed we were capable–in fact, because of your presentation, a couple of us found the confidence to stretch ourselves to try the “black” course, which is the hardest; and we finished it easily! So for those reasons and many more, Nina, I thank you. Your presentation was a resounding success. The entire group got so much more out of our outdoor morning exercise than we would have without having heard from you first. And I believe they are going to carry forward the morals from the stories you shared into their day to day lives.”

Wanda Szajnocha, Executive Assistant to President and CEO Warren Spitz,
UCS Forest Group of Companies (and Program Chair of EA Association of Young Presidents Organization/YPO)

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