Postscript: Mount Kilimanjaro Climb

Dear Readers:

As you now know, I summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro Jan. 26th…I thank-you for the many emails you’ve sent wishing me well, cheering me on and supporting the cause for which I climbed.


My January 15th departure for Africa, and summit day arrival on the 26th, may have come and gone, but I invite you to review my experiences as I pushed for the summit, by reading my BLOG.

So that these entries are more than just personal journals at which you can peek, I endeavoured to ensure there was, “something in it for you”, every time out…some insight which transferred to the workplace or personal life that you can use and apply for yourself…a parallel, a metaphor, a bonk on the side of the head, an inspirational quote provoked by my day’s experience; whatever.

I hope you get good value from my entries. I welcome your responses, too. Let’s talk!

Sending you my kindest regards, always,

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