Appreciating Staff, Colleagues and Yourself!

Sometimes, in some “sick” corporate cultures (bewildering as it may seem), expressions of staff appreciation rarely, if ever, occur. What’s an individual to do? It’s nice, and even feeds the soul, when your employer acknowledges and appreciates your professional gifts and talents but, if they are not being recognized, at least acknowledge them for yourself…it just may end up leading you down an entirely different career road!

A case in point:

Cardiff, Wales’, Paul Potts was a “regular” kind of guy; a U.K. cell phone salesman who never really felt all that sure about his abilities and expressed he always had difficulty with confidence. One day, finally, his passion outweighed his self-imposed lack of appreciation and confidence in his professional talent. He stepped on to the Britain’s Got Talent stage and the rest, as they say, is history. To experience this personally, and perhaps to give yourself your own butt-kick for fully appreciating what you bring to your professional table (and may be hiding), as well as appreciating what others contribute, watch this video now; as you watch,note the faces of the judges as Paul stands on stage…both at the start and during his performance. You can almost hear their thoughts of, “Here we go again…another salesperson who thinks he’s got talent, spare me.”

Turn up your computer speakers and click the link below — then read the rest of this e-mail …

Paul Potts sings opera

Paul Potts’ premiere album was released on July 16, 2007 and quickly reached #1 on the UK Albums Chart with similar honours around the world. He is now a multi-millionaire.

Here’s hoping you get terrific inspiration from Paul Potts’ amazing tale of professional awakening to carry you through the rest of this year and beyond…to awaken you to your hidden professional talents!

And, if you’re a mature professional–one who thinks it’s pretty much over for you regarding the discovery of any new hidden professional talents–perhaps the following will help you reconsider your possibilities:

As with football and other sporting games, when it comes to the game of life and work, all the best “scoring” happens in the second half! If you’re over 50, this philosophy may prove comforting and reassuring; if you’re under, take heart in knowing that the best of your professional achievements, and expressions of appreciations thereof, are yet to come. In the meantime, appreciate and acknowledge the value of all that comes your way.

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