Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! This date marks the second anniversary of the launch of my first book, Getting Passion Out of Your Profession: How to keep loving your living…come what may. And what a passionate year it’s been, indeed, fulfilling a record number of client demands and engagements for my conference keynote and workshop facilitation services!

Now in it’s fourth printing, Getting Passion…is well on it’s way to becoming a Canadian best seller…and that, of course, dear reader, is with sincere and heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you, my clients and all the other lovely people who just happened across my book in stores or on the web…enjoyed it and recommended it to colleagues, family and friends.

Thank-you for your continued kind words of positive experience about my presentations, personal workplace tales to tell, heeding and applying my offered “pearls”, subscribing to and sharing my complimentary monthly on-line newsletter, Working Wisdom, visiting and revisiting my website, and staying in touch through emails, phone calls and writing to me with your questions, suggestions and feedback. What a pleasure and honour it is to have been of service to you thus far. Until we meet again another day, it’s my heart’s desire that you get passion out of your profession–however grand or modest your current position–every day of the year…no just on Valentine’s Day! And, if you take heed of the advice offered below–especially on this day focused on love of all sorts–may you always fill a job of prestige and power!

“Think enthusiastically about everything, but especially about your job.
If you do, you’ll put a touch of glory in your life.
If you love your job with enthusiasm you’ll shake it to pieces.
You’ll love it into greatness.
You’ll upgrade it. You’ll fill it with prestige and power.”

— Norman Vincent Peale

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