Getting Around To It: (Story 3)

Story Three (The Ghost of Wisdom Yet to Come): The Guy Who Took The Road Less Travelled, From Fisheries and Wildlife, Through Marketing and Communications, on His Ultimate Professional Way to World Religions and Cultural Anthropology

Getting Around To It: (Story 2)

Story Two (The Ghost of Wisdom Almost Present): My Lady Dianna: An Eloquent, Funny and Insightful Communicator About Whom Most Have Never Heard, Nor Read

Getting Around To It: (Story 1)

Wishes and dreams of what you might professionally do “one day” aren’t goals until you take a little action. And those fledgling goals, born of a little action, don’t grow up and truly manifest at work or elsewhere unless you persevere and believe.

Forward Thinking: 2020 into 2021…

Forward Thinking: Strategies for Protecting Your Professional Passion By Building Resilience, Embracing Renewal and Recovering Everyday Joy A Perfect Virtual Keynote Appreciation Gift… To Bolster and Fortify the Morale of Your Staff, Colleagues, or Association Members in 2021 After a year of earnest effort learning new skills to perform old jobs in new ways (whether … Read more

A Trail To Remember…

…or, How I Almost Got Caught “With My Pants Down”! With my Mt. Kilimanjaro departure only three weeks away now, I’ve stepped up hiking (no pun intended). I’m “out there” regularly, despite these unseasonable cold temperatures here in southern Ontario. Makes for great training for the summit day and, thankfully, also seems to make for … Read more

A Trail To Remember…

or, How I Almost Got Caught “With My Pants Down”! Because I was so cold last time I hiked Hockley, this day I decided to dress extra warmly. I pretty much threw on every winter hiking garment I owned! For some strange reason we all compare notes before we start off on our hikes, while … Read more

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