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Working Wisdom 2008

Beating the February Blahs with a Sweeter Focus on Service Excellence

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Enough already! Enough of this February in the upper latitudes of the northern hemisphere! Yes, yes, I realize that Working Wisdom is read by people from as far away (from me) as Australia and Africa and that, therefore, some of you dear readers may not relate, however, from where I sit–literally and metaphorically–I am now likening this year’s visit from “old man winter” to that old and somewhat unkind cliché about the similarities between fish and relatives that overstay their welcome: after a few days (months?), they stink!

What’s Luck Got To Do With it? How to get lucky at work and elsewhere

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“Some guys have all the luck…some guys have all the pain”, so says Rod Stewart in his song entitled the same. Why is it that some people do seem luckier than others? Why is it that some of those “nice guys” really do seem to finish last? Karma? Destiny? Luck? Believe it or not, feeling and thinking yourself “lucky” at work or elsewhere–feeling blessed with good fortune–is a predictor of your level of success and joy in life.

Learning is a lot like fruit…when you’re green you’re growing, when you’re ripe you rot, and when you’re blue, you’re through!

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Strategies for getting the most out of conferences you attend in 2008


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Redefining professional “success” is an excellent strategy to help see you through professionally blue periods, uncertain workplace stretches, eg. due to large scale organizational change, downturns in your organization’s marketplace/economy or being passed over for an anticipated promotion. Redefining “success” can also help you count your blessings.

Giving Thanks at Work: Good News, Bad News; Who can tell?

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Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October (Canadian-style), the last Thursday in November (American-style) or not officially at all, there’s something in the air come autumn that makes for a perfect time to reflect. As leaves start to fall, and days shorten and cool (at least in these northern latitudes) take time to give thanks and count your blessings about all that’s come before you at work this past nine months, whether or not this year has been, for you, “good news” or “bad news”; who can really tell, in the long run?