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Canadian Motivational Speaker, Toronto, Nina Spencer

Looking for a female Canadian motivational speaker, or conference speaker who knows how to inspire an audience?

Nina Spencer, who is considered among the best of Canadian motivational keynote speakers, delivers motivational messages for all kinds of business and association meetings and conferences.

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About Nina Spencer, Canadian Motivational Speaker Toronto

Nina Spencer is a popular Toronto-based international corporate motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, speaker's coach and best selling author. Dubbed by the National Post as, "One of Canada's leading motivational speakers", she is in-demand with audiences from a diversity of associations, professions and industries, in both the public and private sectors. Hailing originally from Corporate Learning and Organizational Development, Nina offers over 20 years of professional speaker experience and exudes that magical blend of information and inspiration, served up with high-energy and a relaxed authenticity that appeals to both genders, all generations and the whole spectrum of the corporate landscape, from senior management to frontline staff. A conference planner's delight!

A periodic Expert Advisor on workplace issues to Canada's leading newspaper, The Globe and Mail, she is also a former professional figure skater, and with new wisdom gleaned from her recent summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro--the world's tallest free-standing mountain--Nina regularly brings audiences to their feet with her engaging, humourous, pertinent and thought-provoking messages.

Nina Spencer is very easy to work with leading up to and on the day of the event, as she always considers herself part of the conference committee's team in "getting the job done".

If you are searching for excellence in a keynote speaker--a knowledgeable, warm and authentic presenter who knows how hard corporate, public sector and entrepreneurially focused professionals work, is easy to work with behind the scenes and knows how to reach a diversity of audiences with solid content and good humour--know that Nina is a rare find, indeed. With her engaging and unique perspectives, you can trust Nina will help make your event a long-to-be-remembered informative, fun and positive experience.

Nina Spencer is the bestselling author of Getting Passion Out of Your Profession: How to keep loving your living, come what may, and has published her second book, A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar: Lessons learned for work and life from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, released in the spring of 2014.

Motivational Business Keynote Topic Categories by Nina Spencer

  • Getting Passion Out of Your Profession/Motivation, Inspiration
  • Team Work, Productivity, Interpersonal Workplace Communications
  • Service Excellence/Going the Extra Mile on Service (GEMS)
  • Daring to Risk/Achieving Goals/A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar: Climbing Kili
  • Stress Management, Change, Dealing With Difficult People/Resolving Conflict
  • Personal and Positional Leadership

Professional Accomplishments by Nina Spencer

  • Nina Spencer has appeared on programs such as: CTV's Report on Business, CITY TV's Breakfast Television, BIZTV, CTV News and CBC, and has been profiled by publications such as: The Financial Post, Reader's Digest, Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Oakland Tribune, Maclean's, Canadian Business, Profit, Canadian Manager and Chatelaine Magazines
  • Nina Spencer holds an Honours B.A. in Psychology
  • Served a long duration as columnist with Canada's Training Report and is Publisher of the acclaimed complimentary online newsletter, Working Wisdom
  • Continues to serve as a recurring "Guru Gab" expert host for Biz TV, specializing in work- place communications and employee motivation

On a Personal Note

Seven months of training for, and then climbing, Mt. Kilimanjaro has made Nina a lifelong hiking enthusiast. She hits the trails every chance she gets and happily brings along the oc- casional inquisitive client or audience member, who has become interested in hiking (after hearing her Kilimanjaro keynote). Look out! YOU could be her next guest hiking companion!

Nina's Summarizing Platform Message and Challenge

Life is change and work is change, but passion for your profession, and for all you do, is optional; and each one of us gets to choose. So: "Make your choice, adventurous stranger, strike the bell and bide the danger, or wonder 'til it drives you mad, what would have followed if you had."

Reprinting Articles by Nina Spencer, Canadian Motivational speaker, conference speaker, and keynote speaker. Please feel free to reprint any of my articles for your own organization, association or professional publications. All I ask is that you include the following attribution: Nina Spencer is a business/inspirational keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and Best selling Author of, Getting Passion Out of Your Profession: How to keep loving your living...come what may, specializing in interpersonal communications and rebuilding workplace passion.

Nina Spencer can be reached at 416-588-3334. To book Nina's motivational keynote workshop services for your organization's event, visit or email Please send an email to let me know the name of the publication, the date the reprint will appear, and a hard copy of the publication would be greatly appreciated as well.

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Getting Passion Out of Your Profession delivers a motivational, inspirational and content rich message that's relevant and topical, with a great sense of humour, and in a way that gets the reader's involvement and participation. Count on it, Nina Spencer delivers the goods!

In this remarkably readable and useful volume of wit and wisdom, Nina Spencer shares the 8 passion points for reclaiming that zest for work and empowering you to grab your professional life by the ankles and give it a fling!

In Getting Passion Out of Your Profession, you will learn how to:

  • choose positive language to shift attitude and behaviour in yourself and others
  • declare professional self-worth and acknowledge what you bring to the workplace table
  • foster a sense of humour for spirit and passion, as well as health and wellness
  • gain clarity about your bigger picture purpose
  • grow relationships and identify ways to stay in touch and expand your circle of influence

Getting Passion Out of Your Profession is the must read book for finding joy and satisfaction in every workday.

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